We are proud!

We are overwhelmed and excited to finally see the posters up on the street. This is in the middle of town. The posters in our neighbourhood will be up next week.
Image by a passer by.

Nikki's art

I'm proud of this poster. It is my art and its cool to see it up as a poster.
Image by Serena. Poster on New North Rd, Greylynn.

Street Posters are up!

This is our first view of the exhibition as street posters made by Phantom Posters, these two images are self portraits of Annie. We are very happy, the posters look striking!
Image by Serena

Quality time

Making the most of whatever time we had to do our own thing.
Image by Serena


We played with them, we fed them & we bathed them. this was one of those days. Sometimes we felt like old people in young bodies with domestic responsibilities.
Image by Serena

A year!

looking after our neighbours kids. we looked after them everyday for a year. we felt like we were trapped, at 15yrs old being parents wasnt what we expected! but we felt like it was right.
Image by Serena.

Kickin' it!

...just us, kickin' it! talking about our friends whilst waiting for lunch.
Image by Serena