Moving out

This is moving out day, this photo I made of my room. I took this because I didn't want to leave my space to go live in my sisters house. My Dad doesn't live with us anymore. Now I share a room with my Mum and we have 9 people living in our house.
Image by Annie.

Annie and Nikki 'our doodle'

Nikki and I hang out we like making ideas with our names. Serena scanned this page of A4 from my book. In my book I have a whole lota writing. This doodle is one Nikki and I did, I made our names in blue and red ink, then a few days later Nikki added to it.

Annie and a bag of carrots

Annie lives across the road from this set of shops. She has picked up a bag of carrots for her mum for dinner. This road is very busy and runs between the southern and western motorways.