The first multi media clip

Annie and Nikki are friends both living in Clendon, Manurewa, South Auckland. The clip is composed using Adobe After Effects, movement of the images is designed to show the connection between the girls. The last shot includes animated text that moves across the image of the girls together. This text is made by Nikki, which reads their names in graffiti style. The image of Nikki’s eye close up is a self portrait. We decided to overlay Nikki’s graffiti of her name, she loves this combination of images.

Images and design by Serena, Nikki and Annie. After effects animator Deane.

Annie's Room

Annie and I were hanging out on this day. I was photographing her. I suggested we go into her space to make some portraits, she had very cool posters on her walls, this shows how creative she is and knows where she likes to arrange her stuff. We both enjoyed photographing in her room.

Image by Serena Stevenson

The fruit bowl is full!

Today is Wednesday, mums payday, and food shopping day. I go with mum to help her,we shop for the week’s food. I am the one who always puts the fruit in the bowl because I like it done a certain way.

I made this photograph because it’s colourful & the fruit bowl itself is a unique shape. It is not full that often.
I think we got the bowl from a garage sale.

Image by Annie Latu

Me being vain

Annie has started taking photos, this is one of her first self portraits. Had just gotten a new pair of red earrings & a red strap cap.
I wanted to show them off, the day before I took this photo I had dyed my hair black.
Image by Annie Latu